Another day and another exciting unveiling here at Phoenix Drilling as we took delivery of our new vacuum excavation unit earlier this week.

Our T-Vac 1 tracked machine is a powerful, compact unit capable of excavating most types of ground (wet or dry) by utilising optional high pressure water and/or compressed air. Not only that but its small footprint allows access into those tight areas.

With a tare weight of just 2300kg, the T-VAC 1 track is still one of the lightest Vacuum Excavation units in its class. The mix of steel and aluminium laser cut panels keep the important equipment safe and body parts away whilst remaining light enough to be comfortably towed utilising most vans and 4×4 vehicles.

What exactly is vacuum excavation though?

Vacuum excavation provides a safer, lower risk excavation alternative to more traditional excavation techniques and is the smartest, safest, fastest, and most economical method of excavation.
Its benefits include:

  • Reducing reinstatement costs
  • Eliminating the hazard of utility strikes
  • Minimising traffic disruption
  • Reducing the amount of manpower and equipment required.

Looking ahead to 2023, we have 6 operatives booked in for training with this in mid-January as we look to put the unit to full use in the very near future.

Measuring in at almost 3 metres long and almost 2.5 metres tall, with our branding now added to the unit, we think this is yet another fantastic looking piece of kit – check out some images!